Clinical and ultrasound concordance in the exposure of synovitis in rheumatoid joint inflammation: a transversal study cycle 50 patients

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Evaluating the clinical ultrasound concordance in the recognition of hands and wrists synovitis and certaining the factors related with such a concordance. Patients and methods: Distinct center cross-sectional study linked to 50 patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), involved sequentially over a period of 21 months. The concordance concerning the clinical synovitis and the ultrasound one was judged by computing Cohen (k) coefficient. A relationship study amongst the concordance percentage at the patient scale with the clinical and biological parameters was directed. Results: The concordance amongst the clinical examination and ultrasound in the exposure of synovitis was too fragile. The kappa coefficient varied from 0, 03 to 0, and 16. Likewise, the concordance concerning joint pain and ultrasound synovitis was overall at a low level (kappa between -0, 005 to 0, and 31) as well as the one concerning clinical signs (pain and/ or swelling) along with ultrasound ones (synovial hypertrophy, effusion, Doppler signal) together, kappa coefficient was between 0, 03 and 0, 28. We realized statistically weighty positive correlations concerning the average concordance percentage and the low disease activity (DAS28˂3, 2). Conclusion: Concordance concerning clinical examination and ultrasound in the synovitis exposure was overall at a low level. These observations direct the best ultrasound sensitivity. Disease activity was the foremost factor manipulating such a concordance in the present study.


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