Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

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Anterior cruciate ligament is one of the main ligaments within the knee that connects femur to tibia (ligaments).In the case of injury to ACL, mainly because of out of control play, awkward landings etc. It has to be reconstructed by another ligament either from own knee cap tendon/ hamstring tendon or from the donor i.e., by autograft or allograft. This reconstruction is usually done by Knee arthroscopy. In this a catheter with tiny camera is inserted into the Knee through small incisions which captures the internal structure of knee and helps the physicians to do their surgery by endoscopy. The choice of grafting is mainly depends on the age factor and in both grafts, the rehabilitation stage plays a crucial role for recovery of the injured person. As ACL helps in holding the bones at place, it should be mobile. If rehabilitation procedure is not followed properly then the ACL becomes less mobile and the bones starts rub each other and the grafting ends in failure. ACL reconstruction is one of the most trending research topics, as many sports persons are suffered from this injury.

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