Exploring the Definition of Spirituality from BSN Students in Taiwan

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Because a nurse’s structured spiritual care may be different from that of a nursing student, the motivation of this study was to explore the definition of spirituality from the BSN students. This narrative study was supported by National Research Grant (MOST 103-2511-S-242 -001) with IRB approving by number FYH-IRB- 103-08-02 and conducted a teaching model of a spiritual nursing course for BSN program from August, 2014 to July, 2015. For BSN program, 36 nursing students would like to sign the consent form with 64.2% participating in the study out of 56 samples. The categories for the definition of spirituality included themselves, others, faith, soul, integration as well as the skills of listening, empathy, and accompanying for understanding the empty spaces of others and trying best to fulfill those spaces. The final definition of spirituality from the BSN students was the relationship among themselves, others, faith, soul.

Know more at http://www.scitechnol.com/nursing-and-patient-care.php


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