Beware of 25C-NBOMe: An Nbenzyl substituted Phenethylamine

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Substituted phenethylamines and their derivatives are designer drugs that hold a significantposition in the current drug abuse market 2- (4 – chloro – 2,5 – dimethoxyphenyl) – N – (2- methoxybenzyl) ethanamine (25C-NBOMe) is the N- benzyl derivative of the psychedelicchloro – substituted dimethoxy – phenethylamine that is highly potent and invaded recently inthe “drug arena”. Public should remain vigilant as various new substituted phenethylamines continuously appear. Clinicians and medical doctors should strongly discourage the purchase and use of psychedelic drugs and inform the public of all thesevere consequences associated with such a use. The development of proper routine analytical methods for the determination of phenethylamine derivatives and their metabolites in biological fluids is needed for proper toxicological investigation of forensic and clinical cases.

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