Antiangiogenic Activity of rTRAIL is Potentiated by Sflt-1, a VEGF Trap

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Inhibition of cell proliferation was evident in sFlt-1 and rTRAIL treated cells in a dose -dependent manner with more than 60% reduction in proliferation rate as compared to the tumor cells treated with sFlt-1 and rTRAIL alone. Furthermore, the anti-metastatic and anti-angiogenic activity of sFlt-1 and rTRAIL in combination was evident in endothelial wound healing and tube formation with a significant reduction in the number of cells migrated into the wounded area and the number of honey comb-like structures with the length of the tubes formed to mimic blood vessel formation in-vitro respectively. The in-vivo corneal micropocket assay confirmed the anti-angiogenic effect of sFlt-1 and rTRAIL in combination…to read more:

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