A Death Involving Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure from a Domestic Sink Drain

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A case of 44‐year old white asthmatic female is reported who died after attempting to unclog a kitchen sink drain. A strong odor of “sewer gas” was detected in the residence. Autopsy revealed a dusky gray‐green discoloration to the gray matter of the cerebral hemispheres which was indicative of hydrogen sulfide exposure. Toxicology drug screening detected the presence of amphetamines, cannabinoids and ethanol. The femoral blood thiosulfate concentration was 15.5 µg/mL and sulfhemoglobin concentration was 6.3%. Urine thiosulfate was determined to be 9.4 mg /g creatinine. Cause of death was ruled as the result of hydrogen sulfide intoxication with methamphetamine abuse and asthma as contributing factors.

For more: https://www.scitechnol.com/abstract/a-death-involving-hydrogen-sulfide-exposure-from-a-domestic-sink-drain-2576.html

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