Ocular Morbidity among Taxicab Drivers of Common Transport at Parakou (Benin) in 2014

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Objective: The authors had studied the ocular morbidity of taxicab drivers at Parakou in Benin Republic in 2014.
Materials and Methods: The study has been realized in the ophthalmology service of CHUD-Borgou. It was a prospective, transversal analytical and descriptive study. It has concerned all taxicab drivers of the cars stations of Parakou, living in Parakou and detected during the period of study from 1st May to 31 July 2014, that means 03 months.
Results: A total of 133 taxicab drivers all belonging to male have been examined examined. The class age more represented was that of 21-30 years old (37.6%). Among the 133 examined cases, 21 cases (15.79%) have showed incompatible troubles with the car driving. The predominant diseases were conjunctives pathologies (35.1%) dominated by pterygium, refractive errors (24.7%) and neuroretinina pathologies (11.7%).
Conclusion: It comes out from this study that ocular diseases among the taxi drivers are various and potentially cause of blindness. It’s urged to make obligatory full ophthalmology consultation, by eye health care professional to the test of getting the driving license in order to ensure as well the safety of drivers, the passengers as the ones of the users of the public way.

Know more at http://www.scitechnol.com/international-journal-of-ophthalmic-pathology.php


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