A Network-Based Analysis of Proteins Involved In Hypoxia Stress and Identification of Leader Proteins

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Hypoxia arises in many pathophysiological conditions like hypertension, cancers, pre-natal birth and environmental conditions like high altitude, deep sea diving etc. The multivariate nature of this stress makes to it difficult to predict accurately susceptibility and adaptability to hypoxia. A large amount of expression data under hypoxic stress is generated and available in the public domain. However, there have been no systematic efforts to identify the key proteins and their molecular connectivity. In the present study, the proteins whose expressions are regulated under hypoxic-stress were identified and an interaction network was built. The interactions were given a significance score using the STRING database. For each protein, the scores were added up to obtain a weighted number of links (WNL) and….to know more please visit..http://www.scitechnol.com/abstract.php?abstract_id=4982


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