PROK2 and PNCK – Novel Proteins Present in Follicular Fluid of Mature and Immature Human Oocytes: Preliminary Study

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Analysis of follicular fluid (FF), granulosa (GC) and cumulus cells (CC) gene expression can unravel the physiology of oocyte maturation. In our previous study, a meta-analysis of microarray results showed that prokineticin 2 (PROK2) and pregnancy up-regulated non-ubiquitis CaMkinase (PNCK) genes are differentially expressed between GC and CC. Follicular fluid represents an important medium for oocyte maturation. It contains mediators of folliculogenesis and their identification would help us better understand the process of oocyte maturation.For more:–novel-proteins-present-in-follicular-fluid-of-mature-and-immature-human-oocytes-preliminary-study-aIWK.php?article_id=5811 Contact us: (or)