Congenital Bilateral Saccular Cysts and Bifid Epiglottis: Presentation and Management

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Saccular disorders are rare, representing only 1.5% of all laryngeal anomalies. Bifid epiglottis is also an extremely rare congenital anomaly occurs usually in a syndromic picture in association with other anomalies as polydactyly, cleft palate, micrognathia which are seen in Pallister-Hall Syndrome and rarely with other syndromes. Congenital laryngeal anomalies are rare but one need to think about them in cases of neonatal respiratory distress such as saccular cysts. Syndromes and other associated anomalies should be ruled out in cases of bifid epiglottis. Management of bifid epiglottis depends on patient’s symptoms of aspiration or sleep apnea. If so, surgical correction is warranted.


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