Substance Use disorders : A growing concern

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Substance use disorder refers to the overuse of drug which impairs the normal functioning mentally or physically.It increases the drug dependancy or addiction of a person.It results in causing adverse effects in a human’s personal life.

According to the reports in 2013 drug use disorders resulted in 127,000 deaths; up from 53,000 in 1990.The highest number of deaths are from opioid use disorders at 51,000. Cocaine use disorder resulted in 4,300 deaths and amphetamine use disorder resulted in 3,800 deaths.Alcohol use disorders resulted in an additional 139,000 deaths.

Counselings,group discussions,medications.peer support are some of the adopted ways to fight substance abuse.

Today’s youth are more prone to these substance abuse inspite of knowing the consequences.Is it not our responsibility to stand against substance abuse and spread the awarness?

International journal of Mental Health and Psychiatry feel proud for taking such an initiative regarding substance abuse and many other mental health disorders. By working with the renowned editors,reviewers and authors the journey has been successful so far.

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