Spontaneous Regression of Cancer, an Ever Actual Inspiration for the New Cancer Treatment

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Spontaneous regression (SR) of cancer (or remissions as in the case of the hematopoietic system cancer e.g. leukemia) is defined Everson and Cole’s book as “the partial or complete disappearance of a malignant tumor in the absence of all treatment or in the presence of therapy which is considered inadequate to exert significant influence on neoplastic disease”. Dr. William Cole developed the procedure of vaccination of tumor patients with the bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes directly into the tumor which resulted in SR. Since it was too dangerous to use living bacteria, later on the heatkilled Serratia marrescens were used to induce the regression, and the 29% of terminally ill sarcoma patients had a relapse-free survival of more than 10 years, an efficacy comparable to that today’s modern chemotherapy. Interest in developing a more efficient vaccine with more defined ingredients produced under GMP conditions has not abated and, the promising phase I of clinical studies has recently been reported.

For more details: http://www.scitechnol.com/peer-review/spontaneous-regression-of-cancer-an-ever-actual-inspiration-for-the-new-cancer-treatment-yWEA.php?article_id=4836


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