Meningitis can be deadly if left untreated

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Meningities is caused due to the inflation of the meninges ( the outercovering of the brain and spinal cord). Bacterial and viral meningitis is most common and contagious.

Enterovirus category cause infections in mostly 10 to 15 million people and infected people develop meningitis. Viruses such as west nile,Influenza,mumps,HIV,herpes causes viral meningitis. However viral meningitis goes without treatment.

Bacterial meningitis proves fatal if left untreated. The causative bacteria are Streptococcus pneumonia,Neisseria meningitidis,Haemophilus influenza,Listeria monocytogenes.

Symptoms include difficulty towards bright light,loud noise,stiff neck,seizures,lethargy,decreased appetite,fever,headache,nausea etc. It needs immediate medical attention.
People with compromised or weak immune system develop this disease easily.
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