Spinal Meningeal Melanocytoma: A Rare Tumor

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Spinal melanocytoma, a rare tumor of melanocytic origin, usually arises from intracranial structures but may also arise from the spinal cord. They are solitary low-grade tumors and do not invade the peripheral structures. They can occur in all the age groups and are more frequent in the fifth decade with a slightly female predominance. They localize frequently intradural extramedullary especially at the cervical or thoracal region. Most authors agree that complete surgical excision is the best treatment. The role of radiotherapy and chemotherapy still remain controversial.

Full Text link: http://www.scitechnol.com/spinal-melanocytoma-a-case-report-aW7m.php?article_id=2364

Journal home page: https://www.scitechnol.com/spine-neurosurgery.php

Keywords: Peer reviwed journals on spine studies; Articles on neurosurgery; Scholarly journals of spinal surgery; Meningeal tumor; Spinal Meningeal; Melanocytoma


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