Subjective Satisfaction of with Family Relationships among inpatients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia in Guangzhou, China

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Although caregiver relationships are a recognized feature of recovery for people with schizophrenia, however subjective satisfaction with individual family and non-family relationships has not been studied systematically nor have factors associated with greater relationship satisfaction been identified. The study was done to examine the subjective satisfaction with social relationships in acutely schizophrenic patients.

The patients identified an average of 4.6SD = 2.1) relationships 45% of whom were first degree relatives, 36.3% were second degree relatives, 6.8% were third degree relatives and 18% were non-kin caregivers. Mixed model analysis showed that the total number of family caregivers was significantly related to level of satisfaction across all relationships. Closeness of relationships, overall subjective quality of life, frequency of contact with relationships, and subjective distress were not significantly related to relationship satisfaction.

The fact that the number of relationships was the only independent correlate of overall relationship satisfaction suggests that greater satisfaction with relationships is associated with larger networks and that interventions to expand relationship networks may be warranted.


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