Nasal Septum Schwannoma: An Unusual Cause of Nasal Obstruction and Epistaxis

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Schwannomas are neurogenic neoplasms which are rarely found in the sinonasal tract. According to the literature 25-45% of all schwannomas arise in the head and neck region and only less than 4% occur in the sino-nasal tract where localization to the nasal septum is exceedingly rare. We report the case of a sino-nasal schwannoma arising from nasal septum in a 30 year-old female. Histopathology revealed that the tumor was devoid of a capsule which is an unusual finding and contradictory to the previously reported cases. Although schwannoma is a rarely encountered lesion in sino-nasal tract, possibility of their existence should be realized and included in the differential diagnosis of any nasal mass. As there are no specific attributes of nasal schwannoma on clinical examination and Computed Tomography (CT) scan, all nasal masses should be subjected to histopathological examination before planning the management protocol. Complete excision will suffice with regular follow-up of the patient and endoscopic approach is by far the best approach.


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