Timely Dosage Dependent Ethanolic Extract of Mangifera Indica Promotes Blood Cells Development and Weight Gain

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The effects of ethanolic extract of Mangifera indica stem bark were investigated on blood cells. A total of twenty albino male and female rats were used for the study. The experimental groups were administered with low, medium and high dosages for the period of 14 days. The red blood cells count was increased at high dose of the extract than the control without the extract and was significant (P<0.05). At the medium dose there was low red blood cell counts which was significant compared with control (P<0.05). Same results were obtained with PCV at high dose (P<0.05) haemoglobin concentration and white cell counts. However, platelet counts were reduced at high dose of the extract and raised at medium dosage. The body weight of the rats was increased at 7 and 14 days of the administration of the extract. It is confirmed from the study that the extract regulates blood cells parameters and particularly promotes RBC, PCV; Hb levels at high dosages but platelets at low dosages respectively and hence could be used in the treatment of anaemia and weight loss.

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